About Me


Newborn, maternity & Family Photographer- Serving Petawawa, Pembroke Ontario, and Surrounding area.

Also Serving Kingston Ontario.

Me, The Author:

I am a passionate Photographer, Artist, Mother, Personal Trainer (Pre and Post Natal Certified), and an emotional and creative person in general.  I am the person who loves to talk, have fun, and help others feel good: Body mind & Soul!

I have suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life, and have found meditation, yoga, and creating art through photography have been pivotal in bringing balance and joy into my life.  This has always been my purpose, and I want to share it with you.

Being a mother of two myself, I understand completely all that is involved, the amazing, and the not so pleasant, the fears, emotional roller coaster, challenges and celebrations.  I am there to support you, offer you insight and valuable information, even if it is just a little something to make you smile and brighten your day 🙂

MOM POWER!!  Can I hear a Woot Woot! 

The Photographer & My Style:

My Style:  Natural, Elegant, Simply Beautiful… I absolutely love black and white photos!

I use mainly neutral colours (whites & creams, grey, black) and simple backdrops.  I like the less is more philosophy.

I do use some basic props such as wraps and headbands, but like to keep my overall theme simple and natural.


My Home Studio

Being a mom, I completely understand all of the needs, emotions, worries, stresses and challenges of pregnancy and newborns, toddlers etc…..not to mention lack of sleep, body aches and pains,  and all that other stuff our INCREDIBLE bodies go through in creating this miracle!

Good News I have a couch for naps in my studio 😉 as well as coffee and tea on the house, a great change table station, and everything to make you feel COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE.  AND I know exactly what you are going through! I can take care of it all!

When you enter my home studio, It is all about YOU and your family!  Kids play area, refreshments, and a relaxed environment for you to really enjoy and BE IN the moments we capture together.

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