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On the other side of the lens

I hate…I mean really hate having my photo taken, and I am a photographer…go figure!

I am so critical of myself in photos and feel completely non-photogenic.

Can you relate???


BUT I decided to bite the bullet and get professional headshots done by a local photographer and friend of mine.  Needless to say, they turned out great!

NOT only that….I HAD FUN!!! 

It was a blast 😀 


He immediately made me feel comfortable, put on some great tunes, and started chatting away with me.  Before long we were having full conversations during the shoot.

He was able to make me feel totally at ease while cueing me into the best “pose”.


I was even able to see the photos on a computer screen as he was taking them and was amazed!

That’s when I got really excited and thought:  “Let’s do this!”


“How did you make me look so good?” I asked.

A little chuckle from him and he said:  I have no idea why you think you are not photogenic, cause your photos are turning out so great.

And they were great!  I actually had a difficult time narrowing them down to my favourite 5 images.


A great experience was created like this: 

1-The right conversation ahead of time so I knew what to expect.

2-A positive mood and atmosphere was set from the get go.

3-Trust and excitement was built: especially when I could see him getting excited over the photos,  and when I saw my photos on the screen!

4-Happy Happy Dance by both of us :p


A photographer that not only knows lighting and the technical aspects of the job, but one that ALSO makes the experience personable, fun and memorable is a truly professional  Photographer.

I would not hesitate to book him again! Thanks Ryan 🙂


This is precisely the experience I strive so hard to create for all of my clients.

Check out their testimonials Over Here 🙂

Because it's not just a memory...

My job is to capture your most beautiful self. the one you don’t even realize exists! … Plus do a bunch of other great stuff to make you so totally happy!




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