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Beautiful Motherhood- aka tired, stressed, busy!

Razzle Dazzle….and Frazzled!  Yes I hear you

I myself was up last night until almost 3 am, taking care of my 10 month old baby who has been extremely cranky, but on ly in the evenings lately.  Her older sister, almost 3, then also woke up and now there were two screaming kids.

As I rocked the youngest in my arms, close on my chest in the living room rocking chair, struggling to stay away and wishing they would JUST GO TO SLEEP, I had a magical moment.


I heard my husband’s voice, delicately speaking to my toddler, reassuring her, loving her, he was rubbing her legs, belly, hair like she was asking for.  He got he some water, loving and protecting our little one.  And then, I felt my little one in my arms, slowly drift off, feeling her breath against my body, her heart beating, feeling completely secure, warm, cuddly and just wonderful in my arms.


I no longer wanted to put her to bed, I wanted to cherish this moment forever.  Parents together, loving their children.

One day, we will have an empty nest and even though these times certainly are not easy, we will wish we could return to them for even a single day.  To feel all of this, to be needed and to be there to cuddle, hug, rock & kiss my little girls.


They do grow up and change so fast, seems like overnight sometimes.

I then found myself in my bed looking through photos on my phone of my little ones from the past two years, feeling and remembering all of those precious moments 🙂 Those little things they do that once may have been an annoyance, and now makes me laugh and my heart so incredibly full!

“Don’t Grow Up!” I often find myself saying, as I gaze into an amazing moment! 
Parents, Don’t Forget to Remember!


This is what photography can do for you.  It really is more than just pictures.

It is remembering and Feeling again ❤


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