Photography- The Biz

Hmm Can you tell the difference between pro and amateur?


“I got the same thing from another photographer for cheaper”

Although most clients really don’t care why you are priced the way you are priced,…..they care about THE PRICE. That’s it, I still want to share this with both clients and photographers 🙂

my answer to above statement:

” I understand completely, I have heard this several times before.  Photography is the same as any other business really. Similar services or products are always offered cheaper somewhere else.  It is so unfortunate that there are so many photographers who don’t truly understand how to use a professional pricing structure, or who undervalue their time and work.”


Photography is a Business Too! And you do get what you pay for.

I will not do my work for free, or cheaper because someone else does it that way.

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Pro and an amateur?

Anyone can take a picture, but that does not make them a professional photographer.  Check out this link:


Problem 1:

So many photographers do not know how to price themselves, and undervalue themselves!!!  I know, cause I was one of them.  NO MORE!

Did you know that the average plumber makes a six figure salary per year?

Did you know that Walmart….OK….charges $50 for one 8 x 10 print in front of those cheesy Christmas backdrops with an amateur photographer saying cheese and pressing click!?


As a photographer, and as a BUSINESS OWNER you deserve more than minimum wage per hour!

Your time and your skill,talent, service are all of HUGE value.  Don’t give it away for free and expect to have a long term successful business.

There are very tangible, calculated ways of determining your prices.  You must know your cost of doing business, and cost of goods sold, as well as determine your annual monetary needs to live, as well as how many weeks of the year are you working, how many clients per week.  How much in taxes you will have to pay.  All of this is taken into consideration when determining prices.  Numbers can’t just randomly be chosen, pulled out of a hat, or based on what other photographers are charging.

If you want to know more about how to price yourself systematically and then be confident in your pricing, leave me a comment below 🙂

Photography is a business, and as such we should be paid fairly.  No I will not shoot a session for $100 and give you a bunch of files on a USB stick….that is NOT truly serving the client, and that is not running a successful business…that is doing a favor.


Problem 2:

It can feel difficult since so many clients are not willing to pay the extra dollar for your true worth, however they are not your ideal client anyways, so LET THEM GO….let em go!


The truth is: it’s not that they can’t afford you, it’s that they don’t truly value the work/art or products as much as you do and thus don’t personally feel it is “worth” that much money to them.  And that is OK!

For instance:

I have had clients with very little money, purchase some of my most expensive items.  They really truly wanted them.  They felt value.  To them, it was important and conveyed EMOTION!  This is why they saved and saved and then bought it!  And the LOVE it.

On the flip side I have had very well-off clients who do not want anything but digital files…..go figure.

“I just want the digital files”.….that’s a whole other can of worms….for another day:)


Your job as a Professional photographer is to reach your target clients, the ones who DO feel you are worth it, and DO value YOUR work! 

They are out there!!!  Do not give up 🙂

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