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Newborn Photos: You’ve got ONE shot! How to choose the right photographer for YOU!

Before you know it, your little newborn is no longer a newborn…after about two weeks!  In the blink of an eye your baby is now wearing bigger diapers, outgrowing clothes!

The last thing you want is to be disappointed with your newborn photos!  You pretty much have one chance while they are still so itty bitty and curly, squishy, snugly, those little squeaky sounds they make….OK sorry, I just really love newborns! 🙂 ❤

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AM Tip:  DON’T WAIT!  You should book early on in your pregnancy, NOT after the baby arrives.

This is a common mistake people make, not realizing just how busy and booked up photographers can be.


Choosing the photographer that is right for YOU 🙂

1- Price Shoppers Beware

Yes price is an important and limiting factor, but my point here is don’t base your decision solely  on the price tag!

…and well it is true, you do usually get what you are paying for….there’s a reason a photographer will be priced at “X Y Z”.


If a photographer is priced very low, they may be a novice just starting out, perhaps they do not offer high end products or image editing, OR it may be there do not value their own time and talent and are likely making NO profit at all…which is sad….photography is a business like all others.

…..all I am saying is LOOK INTO IT!  Just like you would look into any other important investment!  


I completely get how money is usually the one thing that people see….trust me though, from a person living paycheck to paycheck trying not to go into overdraft, feed and clothe my children, I know what financial struggle is!

Still, I have invested thousands!!! Into my business (my equipment, training, marketing etc.) because it is something that I VALUE SOOOO much, and also something I planned out carefully to pay off in increments.


Many photographers will also offer payment plans if you ask them 🙂 I know I am most happy to do this for any client that really wants MY look, My style, My products!  .

…I certainly would not have all the money upfront, so looking at it from a customer’s point of view, a payment plan for something that I REALLY REALLY want and VALUE is a perfect option!


2-What is it Worth to You?

Even though I have very limited income, I still spent money on very expensive items such as my camera, our computer, a fancy phone….why???

Because I want it bad enough and I value that item as being “worth” that much to me personally.

Same goes for your newborn photos!  What one person is willing to spend on a particular style of photos, or for a particular photographer or product will be completely different than what another person values.

This can become a bit problematic when one person in the relationship values something and is willing to spend the money while the other is NOT on board! …” Too expensive” they say.


This is a battle of wants and value.  If you are the one who sees this value you might need to do some pushing, tugging, convincing to your partner…and again this is where the payment plan comes in handy too!!!


3-Your Photographer’s Style -colours, look, feel etc.

This should be the FIRST and one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors you look at when deciding on a photographer.

All too often people will book a photographer without really taking an in depth look at their portfolio or work and then be disappointed with the end result… not matching what they were hoping for in their minds!


Photography is art, thus it is subjective and comes in so many styles and looks. 

What one person will absolutely LOVE, another will not.  That is OK.  That is actually GREAT!!! That means you can find the look that is right for YOU! 


Some styles of newborn photography include: Natural/minimalist (which is my preferred style) with lots of neutrals colours and black and whites, Shabby Chic which uses lots of props, colours, and a vintage feel mixed with elegance, Playful and colourful with cake smashes, cutesy backdrops and outfits, or even Documentary/lifestyle (in home, natural, no posing or cueing, candid photos).

Remember, these photos will be yours forever!   Ask yourself:

Where do you want to display them?
Do you want props in the photos or more natural look? 
What colour palette do you use to decorate your home? 
How would you describe your overall style? 
How would you describe your personality? 
What emotions do you want your images to convey??

1R4A4275 copybw2


4-Customer Service- The Extra Mile Makes a Difference!

Your experience from start to finish, from the very first time you connect or communicate with your photographer to the end package should be a positive one!

How a photographer replies to your email, facebook message or post will often set the tone.


  • Does the photographer ask you if you have seen their website, their portfolio?
  • Do they ask for a consultation with you to ask some of the important questions above, plus getting to know YOU the person, your family, and build a relationship before your session?

It is equally important for photographers to be sure they are booking clients that are well suited for them!

A truly professional photographer will want to be sure their clients will LOVE their images! Period!

They will take the time to discuss and visualize with potential clients before instantly booking anyone and everyone!  Not every client is an ideal client for a particular photographer!

I have referred potential clients to other photographers in my area because they were looking for something completely different than what I offer…..I could have booked them, made a few bucks….but I can guarantee they would not have been truly happy with their images and THAT is not worth any amount of money to me!

The session itself is one that should be exciting, celebration, and fun for the family!  A photographer that gets you feeling excited for your session is a good sign.  Building rapport is so important !!! 🙂



The photographer should also be completely transparent and clear on how they proceed, their terms and conditions, what is included (prints only, digital files, USB, disk????), image release waivers, etc.

Going the extra mile, a great photographer will also help you prepare for your session, with information on what to wear and bring, what to expect, and answer all of your important question.


5-Testimonials, Reviews, Word of Mouth:

Does this photographer have positive reviews on google, or their website, or facebook page?  Have you heard good things from a friend?

An excellent photographer will WELCOME all feedback after your session to make sure you are happy, and to improve on anything for future sessions.  They will ask for honest reviews and post them for potential clients to see.

Just one more way to be sure you will be happy!


Warmest regards, and congratulations to all expecting mothers 🙂

Anne-Marie Audet

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