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Mommy & Toddler Yoga…young child, or even a child at heart!

Does this look familiar to you???
My 2.5 yr old is particularly fond of the screaming Banshee and Wet Noodle! :p


Looking for a fun way to bond, and tire out your young kids/toddlers?
Here are some great yoga poses you can do together.  These simple exercises are sure to bring smiles, laughter, and lasting memories for the two or three…or well all of you!
Key Points to Remember:

1- Keep Sessions FUN, Playful and Positive!!!  and Brief, depending on your child’s attention span…..this is not about meditation or creating a Yogi out of your child, it is purely fun and interactive.

2-Choose the RIGHT TIME of the day :), when they are most happy and cooperative…not just before bed or nap time….kind of duh I know but still, choose wisely young grasshopper

3-Speaking of grasshopper….use animal, insect or object names for the poses….definitely don`t use Sanskrit terms, lol.  Picture cards of poses are also a hit! Don’t be afraid to be funny either, kids LOVE this as well as imitating their parents or older siblings and receiving positive feedback!  …..that means don’t worry about a PERFECT form pose….let kids be kids, try, move and applaud! This builds self esteem, especially when you do the poses with them.

4-Don’t worry about the order of your poses, or structure really…go with the FLOW! And enjoy it.  Let them choose the next pose, or have a card game out of it.  Just be open to whatever happens 🙂

5-Colourful props like foam blocks, straps or just a simple mat makes the experience extra special for them!



Not only is this a great bonding opportunity, but also a teaching one as well!
…..Not to mention your kids won’t be tearing up all your toilet paper or digging into your potted soil plants, or drawing on themselves with markers they magically found somewhere 🙂


Some Great Poses:

Lion (Big Roar)

Cobra / Snake

Crocodile low to the ground ( modified plank)

Down Dog / Dog – one leg lift up option, my daughter loves this one!



Standing Mountain (Giraffe)

Tree (Flamingo)

Rag Doll (forward bend down)

Chair pose (monkey, lift one leg then other slightly shifting weight side to side)


Happy Baby (lying on back reaching for feet in hands , knees wide pulled into chest, aka wind reliving pose)

Ball ( knees pulled in, rock side to side)

Sleepy Baby (lying on ground relaxation)


Yoga Breath, and leaning to Self Calm/Self Soothe:

You can also gradually build in breathing and relaxation time with your kids (keep it simple, short and sweet).

Teaching them to self-calm themselves with breathing using counting, deep breaths, feeling belly rise and fall….whatever technique you want, comes in super handy in helping to prevent anxiety, or meltdowns in children.  Of course this will only work if your child is old enough to understand, and WILLING to participate.


“Remember your deep breaths, …take three deep breaths and no OK, what is it, how are you feeling?” 


A much more pleasant approach and technique than counting to three for time outs. Don’t get me wrong, I love this too and use it often, but if the predictable crying fit of a time out can be avoided, I would surely love to enable and teach my child to find calm from within so that we can deal with the issue at hand in a more peaceful way…..unless it is a serious issue which I Personally feel REQUIRES a time out.  


Feel it out.  Every child is different, this is just one more tool, in your parenting and teaching toolbox 🙂


There is so much more information out there on this topic, including videos etc.  I hope you find what works best for you and your children 🙂

Here is great article that has a whole list of yoga inspired Themes for poses:



Namaste ❤ -Let the light within me and the light within you shine together

Anne-Marie Audet

Inspire & Be Inspired


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