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Your Maternity Photography Session: What to Wear, What to Bring, Makeup & Hair!

I will make this SO simple for you.  One less thing to worry about!
…cause you likely already have a list longer than your arm, am I right?  Been there!

I style my sessions using neutral backdrops (white, black, and my beige wall).  I prefer natural, elegant and timeless style photographs and poses (or non poses! Just being yourselves.  From experience, candids are always the best shots!).  Here is what I suggest to my clients for their maternity session with me:

What to Wear to your Session?

Tops: Solid colours, or simple tops look good on everyone.  Neutral colours like white, cream, light grey,black, or light blue are the staple choices.  I always recommend bringing a white and a black top if you have them.  I really love the white on white, or black on black look in my images, for an elegant and artistic effect.


Pregnancy blouses, pretty tops or dresses that are snug on top and flow out after the bust line to help give definition to your belly.  IDEA: You can also use a pretty belt to tie over a shirt or dress just under your bust added definition or punch.



For a splash of colour:  choose what looks best on your individual skin tone and what you love.  For instance:

Warmer skin tones (yellow/olive tones, tan easily) look great in dark jewel colours.

Cool skin tones (pink rosy undertones, don’t tan usually burn or tan very little, freckles) usually look beautiful in lighter pastel shades (blush, powder blue, beige).

Here’s an example:


When choosing the colours to wear for your session you also want to consider Where you plan on displaying your photos, and the overall decor/theme and colours of your home so that is does not clash.

This is why you can’t go wrong with neutrals, but a splash of colour is always fun too!


Bras: If you have a white, beige or black bandeau bra bring that too!!  A Trick I use for those who do not have one: I have a white and a black silk/Pashmina style scarf that I use to wrap over their regular bra and just tuck the straps in and under, and tie it tightly behind the mom where it will not show in the image.  A little tweaking to make it look just right and voila!  Too easy 🙂   This is Exactly what I did in both of these images below.


Pants: Black or dark grey yoga pants are a definite go to!  Maternity jeans are great too.  If I am shooting bare belly with these jeans, I simply tuck the elastic portion that goes over the belly in under the jean part so it looks like you are wearing regular jeans.  Works like a charm.


Special/Sentimental objects: If you want to incorporate something of personal meaning to you in your photographs, i.e. a pair of baby shoes, a baby blanket from your time, military uniform or dog tags, etc., this can all be done.  Best to chat about it with  your photographer ahead of time. Here is one that I really love, especially since I am an army wife and army brat myself 🙂


I suggest keeping jewellery to a minimum.  Wedding/engagement or special rings and maybe simple stud earrings are great.  Too much jewellery can look tacky in final images and is distracting from the main subject which is the baby in the belly.

Avoid tops with deep plunging necklines, for obvious reasons 😉

Avoid clothing with large logos, or text, or too much pattern.


A simple stripped or plaid shirt could look great though, if that is what you are going for.  I especially love this for outdoor shoots!


AM Tip ** Stay true to who you are as a family.  If you are TOO matchy matchy…..or you go out and buy an outfit you will never wear again just for this shoot….it may not feel as personal and special to you when you look back at your images later on. 


Hair & Makeup

Hair should be kept simple, natural

Make sure those nails look fabulous for close up shots. Maybe treat yourself to a simple manicure, you deserve it girl!;)

Makeup is up to you.  You can go for more of a glam/evening look since makeup in photos does not appear as dramatic as it does in person, however you can also keep it very simple,natural and minimal.

If it were me, I would go for my usual daytime look with a tiny bit of of eye liner for added punch, and a nice lip gloss with just a hint of colour.  But this is really up to you.



What to Bring

Snacks and Water!!  The session usually only lasts about an hour but best to have food on hand.

Your makeup bag- in case you need or want some touch ups during the session

Hair comb, pins, etc if needed

If bringing siblings, young toddlers – toys or books to keep them entertained, snacks, drinks, diaper bag etc.


CELEBRATE your BEAUTIFUL body and the MIRACLE you created.


“Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were Born I loved you, Before you were here an hour I would die for you.  This is the Miracle of Love” 

Maureen Hawkins.


And tha tha tha tha tha that’s All Folks!  😉


Anne-Marie Audet

AM Audet Photography



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