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Create a stunning collage wall in 5 Easy Steps!

Are most of your photos tucked away on a hard drive , computer or phone?

Yeah…I am guilty too.  BUT Not anymore!


What is more special, unique, personal than your own family and memories on your wall?  …..  thinking thinking…..
Um that’s right, Nothing!

Sure other forms or artwork such as paintings etc may also be sentimental to you so why not include them in the project too? This doesn’t have to be a super expensive project either!

Create and design your very own Beautiful arrangement with these simple tips.  And YES YOU CAN do this yourself! 😉


1-Where to begin?  Go on a home treasure hunt.

You likely have at least one framed photo or art piece that you really love.  Start there.

Go through your home, your photos on your computer and choose the ones that make you FEEL something!  It’s all about Emotion!  ❤

After all, it’s YOUR wall and YOUR art!     YEAH Baby Yeah!!!!!


2-Location location location

Choose the location of your collage wall.  Ask yourself, where do you want to display this, where will it have a special impact on your lives?

Also look around the room at the colour palette.  Choose an area that compliments the photos and artwork you plan on using.


3-Choose your Colour Palette

Try to keep to approximately 3 to 5 main colours.  No need to be super picky about it, but use this as your general guideline.    This will help create a more cohesive and appealing look.

Artistic Idea:  Combine two different frame finishes. I.e. Light natural or wood colour and  white, grey and white, or framed images along with gallery canvases.


4-Mix and Match the Mediums (type of art)!

Paintings (even your own work!), photos, prints, canvases…MIX it up! They love each other 🙂 

Of course you can stick to all photos, however this  is a great way to add some texture and your own personal flare to your special wall.


5- Plan the layout

Before hammering anything into the wall, a great way to visualize your layout plan is to arrange your art on the floor first.  Keep adjusting the layout until you are happy and together all pieces should look like a giant piece of art.

OR Another Technique is to cut pieces of paper the same dimensions of each item you plan on putting on the wall.  Tape them lightly and arrange them the way you like.  Then simply remove the paper and place the art piece in it’s spot one at a time.



*Tip: 3M Brand makes great velcro type strips for hanging light to medium weight items, with no holes or damage to your walls!!! I have some myself.

**Of course heavier items, be sure to use heavy duty screws and special drywall plugs if they are not placed into a wall stud.


***IDEA: What about a beautiful Panoramic print split into several canvases?
Remember that all prints must be high resolution in order to enlarge to these sizes.



Here are some more ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
What speaks to YOU and YOUR style?


I welcome your comments and questions! let me know 😉

PS: I have FANTASTIC Canadian Professional Printing Lab as my provider.  If you are looking for professional high quality products for your project….photo prints, canvases, laminate prints, I am happy to place an order for you.

Contact Me Anytime!

Anne-Marie Audet
Inspire & Be Inspired!




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